Patterns for searching

[ $date ]# 1 Agosto 2012
. Matches single character.
* Wild character Example C* if found would pull up CC or CAT…
{} Matches any character contained within the bracket.
^ Represents the beginning of the line, so if you did ^T it would search for any sentence starting with a T.
$ Represents the end of the line, so if you did $. then it would pull up any lines that ended with .
\ Means to take the next character serious so you could search for C\ C.

Note: Be careful using the characters $, *, [, ^, |, (, ), and \ in the pattern list because they are also meaningful to the shell. It is safest to enclose the entire pattern list in single quotes ‘… ‘.

Cambiar puerto apache2

[ $date ]# 26 Julio 2012

Son dos archivos que se deben modificar en el primero LISTEN 80 y VirtualHost en site-available;

Formatear USB desde la terminal

[ $date ]# 22 Julio 2012


Conexiones en tiempo real

[ $date ]# 5 Julio 2012

Si quieres ver las conexiones en tiempo real de MySQL, puedes usar el comando watch:

How to Fix Quotas CPANEL

[ $date ]# 20 Junio 2012

Nos logueamos cómo root por ssh y creamos los ficheros de cuotas para usuarios y grupos.

Aplicamos los permisos;

Vemos si sigue el error;

En caso que nos salga el error

Con esto debe quedar y solo nos queda forzar el script.