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Patterns for searching

$ date | cat c4t3g0ry;
- - Publicado el 01/08/2012 | Esto es sobre: Unix/Linux Sys.Admin

. Matches single character.
* Wild character Example C* if found would pull up CC or CAT…
{} Matches any character contained within the bracket.
^ Represents the beginning of the line, so if you did ^T it would search for any sentence starting with a T.
$ Represents the end of the line, so if you did $. then it would pull up any lines that ended with .
\ Means to take the next character serious so you could search for C\ C.

Note: Be careful using the characters $, *, [, ^, |, (, ), and \ in the pattern list because they are also meaningful to the shell. It is safest to enclose the entire pattern list in single quotes ‘… ‘.